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Misson: Keep kids warm & dry

High-quality winter clothes that keep boys & girls of all ages warm, dry, and playing outside for as long as possible!

The question on everyone’s mind…
Who is Zemu?

Our friend Zemu is an abdominal snowman with origins in the Eastern Himalayas. As a child, Zemu grew up on the largest glacier in Eastern Himalaya which not coincidentally is also named Zemu. Being raised where the temperature is almost always frigid, Zemu knows what it’s like to always be cold and what it takes to keep warm!

Zemu’s passion for the outdoors, love for kids, and vast knowledge for what it takes to keep warm have inspired a life mission to keep all the kids in the world warm, dry, and having fun outside!

Zemu Apparel is specifically designed with youth skiers and snowboarders in mind, which makes all the clothing ideal for all winter sports and just being out in the cold in general! Specializing in the things that keep kids warm all day long such as; baselayers, high-quality fleece, beanies, warm socks, as well as outerwear.

When your kids are outfitted in Zemu Apparel, you can rest assure the clothing has been created by an expert, tested for the coldest of winters, and will keep your kids warm, dry, and playing outside for as long as their hearts’ desire!